To attend any event organised by the club, players (and spectators when permitted) must be non-symptomatic.  If any doubt is present a covid rapid result test may be required.  (Lateral Flow Test)


Regarding track and trace records at sessions, the Secretary (or nominated representative in their absence) will now be required to sign all players in on entry and ensure the time of arrival and departure and contact details are recorded.


Masks to be worn by all non-exempt players and spectators on entry/exit and any roaming, e.g. going to the conveniences, setting up, packing up and any other roaming 


All members to use hand sanitizer dispenser on entering the hall


Only essential equipment to be used.  All equipment to be cleaned after use, e.g. mat trolley, fenders, delivery mats, jacks, scoreboard and any other equipment due to be handled during the session.


If a toss-up takes place only one member may touch the coin.  Handshaking to be avoided.


Foot mats to be placed by one agreed person at the start of the game and then wiped down at the end of the game ready for the next person to handle the following game.


Any measuring to be done by one agreed player before the start of play. 


Each mat to have a jack at each end and to be put in place with the use of players feet only.


One designated person per game allowed to reset the block. Block to be wiped down at the end of each round of play.


One player each side of the mat to be designated to re-adjust fenders if needed.  Fenders to be wiped down after each round if readjusted.


Touchers are only to be marked by players on the same team, ideally with spray chalk. One person each end of the mat to be designated with solid chalk to mark around live woods in the ditch when required. 


Players must only handle their own woods. When removing woods from the head use feet where possible.


One designated player to touch the scoreboard on each match. Scoreboard to be wiped down after each round.


Regarding the use of the clubs measuring kit, during practices measuring to be avoided unless use of personal equipment is available during that game e.g one of the players have their own measuring tape that only they use. 


Players not bowling and spectators are advised to socially distance at the side of the mat, face coverings must be worn at all times.


Players to bring their own water bottles as necessary.  No use of the kitchen.  


All equipment to be cleaned before leaving the hall.


The toilet facilities must only be used by one player at a time.