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A Bridge Too Far

On Tuesday 12/11/2019 the club travelled to top of the league Pontargothi in the club's 4th away game from 7.

Newly crowned county singles champion Aled had a very close game in the singles. The score after 5 ends was 8-0 to Pontargothi but in the next 2 ends Aled picked up 7 shots to make it 8-7. Unfortunately he could not quite snatch the lead and lost 11-8.

The husband and wife team of Huw and Jill had another close game going into the final end drawing 6-6 but eventually losing 7-6.

The triples again skipped by Catrin had a strong game and were ahead for most of the game, but again losing on the last end 10-8.

The fours had a more challenging game, coming up against former club member Gethin and losing 10-0. Despite having 2 tied ends the score did not really reflect how close the game was.

Pontargothi were eventual winners 8-0, but the score could easily have been 6-2 to Llanpumsaint.

Our next game will be at home to Llanddarog A on Thursday 21/11/2019.

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