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Gathering Dust

Well it has been a long while since any bowls has been played due to the recent worldwide pandemic. Bowls bags and equipment are sat gathering dust in our homes and at the village hall. Bowls competitions and events have been cancelled across the UK with little sign of a return to play anytime soon.

There are still league games to be played from the 2019/2020 season along with the semi finals and finals of the Knockout Cup and even the Roy Bowen Trophy with Bronwydd.

It is a strange feeling as the nights grow longer to be sat at home, looking at the clock and thinking 'I wonder who we might have been playing this week?'

We would normally be playing the 7th or 8th league game this week and a round of the Knockout Cup would also have been played.

This weekend just been (14th and 15th November) should have seen both Gethin and Aled playing for Wales at the British Isles Championships in Manchester.

We hope that you are all keeping safe and well during this time and we hope to see you back at the village hall as soon as it is practical. Keep in touch with one another.

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