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Coming To An End

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

With few games remaining on the league fixtures, last Tuesday saw the club travel on a wet and windy night to Llangennech.

The singles and pairs got off to a good start with a 13 - 3 win in the singles and a 10 - 6 win in the pairs.

The triples and fours had a more closely fought battle with the results edging on the final bowls on the final ends from Llangennech. Our triples were holding 1 on the last end, but Llangennech with a good shot took the jack and won in the end by 9 - 7. Our fours were leading throughout the game and luckily for us when Llangennech bowled their last bowl, it could not move our bowl out of the way. Llanpumsaint were the Victor's 7 - 5.

A double header this week with Meinciau visiting us on Monday night (11/3/19) and with us travelling to Llanboidy A on Thursday (14/3/19).

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