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Even Stevens

A close contest last night (Tuesday 06/02/19) with an away game at Llanddarog A resulting in a 4 - 4 draw.

The singles began with a 10 - 8 win, despite leading by 10 - 2 and surviving a comeback from Llanddarog.

The pairs had a close fought game with the lead changing back and forth between the two teams. With 2 ends to go it was anyone's game at 8 - 8, but Llanddarog just edged the contest winning 11 - 8.

The triples had a challenging night and despite a close start to the game eventually lost 10 - 3.

Finally the fours having another strong game ended up winning 8 - 1.

Last week's game was postponed due to the weather warnings and the fixture list has been updated with the remaining games for the season.

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