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Had Our Chips......

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

Another tough night away at top of the table Trimsaran this evening resulting in a 6-2 loss.

In the singles it was a close contest with us being beind by 1 shot going into the final end, but ultimately losing 8-6.

The pairs and triples both also up against strong opposition with the pairs losing 13-2 and the triples losing 16-5.

The fours had taken the lead early on getting into a 5-1 lead, but Trimsaran fighting back to lead 6-5 going into the final end. A powerful shot by the skip then saw Llanpumsaint pick up a 5 in the last end to win 10-5.

The highlight of the season and evening is the food with Trimsaran providing sausage, ham and chips instead of the usual sandwiches and cakes that the rest of us in the league provide as refreshments.

An important game next week with Llanboidy B visiting our village.

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