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Roy Bowen Memorial Cup

The 2019 competition was held at Bronwydd Hall on Thursday 9th May with Llanpumsaint winning by a close margin of 6 points to 2 and with 11 shots more than Bronwydd. Shots would count at the end of the competition if the points were tied.

The following Thursday 16th May, the reverse tie was played at Llanpumsaint Memorial Hall, with Llanpumsaint winning 8 pints to 0. This seems like a large gap in the points, however Bronwydd fighting back in the two triples and only narrowly losing by a couple of shots.

The club has now finished playing for the season with players taking a well needed rest before the season starts again in late August. Keep an eye out on our blog for the dates of the AGM and the first practice dates for the season.

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