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Tough Start To 2020

Updated: Mar 15, 2020

It was a tough start to the second half of the season as Llanpumsaint travelled to Llanboidy A for the first game of 2020. The singles was an exciting match with Aled (the current county singles champion) playing Mark Beynon-Evans (the current county singles runner-up). The game lived up to it's expectations with the lead changing each end with it being a draw going into the final end. An exciting final end saw both Aled's and Mark's bowls touching the jack and the game ending in a 6-6 draw. The pairs and fours had difficult matches coming up against experienced skips from Llanboidy. The triples then, with Peter in the unfamiliar position of skip came extremely close but losing by one shot on the final end. The next scheduled match against Trimsaran was cancelled as they could not field enough players. The next match to be played is at home against Meinciau on Thursday 23rd of January.

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