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Village Voice Quiz + Answers

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

a - Jim,     b - James,      c - Jack,      d - Jill

2 - How many bowls are used in a traditional game of singles? a - 4,       b - 2,       c - 3,       d - 7 

3 - What is known as the 'Shot'? a - The bowl furthest from the Jack,      b - A Bowler who delivers a wrong bias,      c - The bowl closest to the Jack,       d - The player most likely to have a gun in his pocket

4 - In a game of Fours, how many Bowls does each player have? a - 2,       b - 3,        c - 4,        d - 5

5 - If attempting to 'Draw', what would you be doing? a - Putting a 'blocker' in,  b - Writing the score on the scorecard,  c - Bowling with precise weight to the Jack, d - Painting by numbers 

6 - What is the Bowler called that places the Jack in a game of Pairs, Triples & Fours? a - John ,       b - Skip,        c - Captain,       d - Lead

7 - Every Bowl is shaped so that it travels in an arc, what is this commonly known as? a - Line,        b - Bias,         c - Size,        d - Weight

8 - If a Bowler says you were too 'heavy', what do they mean? a - It was bowled too wide, b - You bowled with too much weight, c - It was a wrong bias, d - You ate all the pies

9 - In a game of Triples, how many Bowls does each player traditionally have? a - 3,         b - 4,         c - 2,          d - 1

10 - The main aim of Bowls is to? a - Hit the Jack, b - Score a strike, c - Get as close to the Jack as possible, d - Drink your opponent under the table....

So, how do you think you did? Got them all correct? Well, let's find out.......

Answers 1c,    2a,    3c,    4a,    5c,    6b,    7b,    8b,    9c,  10c

(Mind you 10d happens when the bowls have finished for the season at our county dinner and club finals night. Just ask Dylan how he felt a couple of years ago after trying to keep up with Gethin and Aled 😉😅)

10 out of 10 - Pro bowler!!! 8-9 out of 10 - Very good considering there'Mind en no bowls since the end of March!!! 5-7 out of 10 - Come practice with us to refresh your memory!!! less than 4 - We've got experienced players and coaches to help you on your way!!!

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