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Update Following Tonight's AGM and County Meeting

Following tonight's county AGM and meeting, the following has been decided.

Chair - Arwel Nicolas

Vice-Chair - Gethin Edwards

Treasurer - John Mathews

League Secretary - Richard Palmer

County Secretary - Wyn Jones

Minute Secretary - Donna Rowlands

WSMBA Representative- Gethin Edwards

With regards to the 2019/2020 leagues.

A discussion was held on how the league should be decided. One proposal was to scrap the league and results meaning that there would be no Division 1 or Division 2 Champions. There would also be no promotion or relegation.

The second proposal would be to determine the league positions based on a percentage of points won and prospective percentage of points won with the remaining games worked out.

A vote was passed by 5 votes to 4 to scrap the previous league and all results, meaning that although Llanboidy B had been confirmed as champions before the COVID break, are now stripped of the title and Whitland will also no longer be promoted.

All clubs will be contacted to find out if they will be participating in the league next season. The format of the league will be determined once confirmation has been received from clubs on if they will be participating and how many teams they will have.

It is also proposed that the league next season will consist of 2 pairs and 2 triples (the same as the Knockout Cup). Number of ends to be played and number of players required will be discussed at the next meeting.

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