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A Testing Time......

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

Last Thursday (14/03/19) the club went to Llanboidy for the penultimate match against the A's.

The singles had a tight 9 - 9 draw in a match where the lead changed hands several times.

The pairs had a close start but eventually lost 11 - 5 at the end of the game.

Things didn't go the way of our triples with a heavy 21 - 3 loss and the same can be said for the fours losing 15 - 0.

The overall score was 7 - 1 to Llanboidy A who also had a big shot difference of 56 - 17.

The final league game tonight against Llanboidy B in Llanpumsaint with this match also serving as the deciding factor in which club is relegated this season, Llanddarog A or Llanboidy B.

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