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Victory Against The League Leaders

The Club welcomed Pontargothi the current league leaders to the village on Thursday, 27th February. The singles match saw Aled and Dafydd play each other. It was always going to be an exciting battle as they are the current British Isles Pairs Champions. Aled started the match winning the first 4 ends and taking a 4-0 lead. Dafydd picked up a 2 in the fifth end but that was the only end in the match that he scored points, Aled's determination and skill saw him take a 11-2 win.

The pairs saw the husband and wife team of Huw and Jill start slowly but came back to win 9-5. The triples saw Nikki, Huw and Catrin take a 10-8 lead into the 9th end but Pontargothi's Welsh International skip took 2 shots on the last end to draw the match.

The fours had a tough match and found it difficult to get into the game with Pontargothi taking the spoils 14 -1. The overall score was a very good 5-3 win for Llanpumsaint.

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